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Storage Options & Pricing

Storage Options - Champion Storage & Rental LLC

Here at Champion Storage & Rental, we have many storage options for you to choose from.

Inside Storage Units

Inside heated storage is available at our 3838 Enterprise Drive location. Our inside storage building has 70 units, with a range of 11 different sizes.

Size Sq. Ft. Rate
12'x6' 84 $69
10'x10' 100 $79
16'x6' 112 $85
10'x12' 120 $89
8'x18' 144 $95
15'x10' 150 $99
10'x16' 160 $99
8'x21' 168 $105
8'x24' 192 $115
10'x21' 210 $117
11'x27' 297 $159

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Climate Controlled Storage Units

New! Climate controlled storage is now available at our 1939 N 18th Street location. The temperature of these units will stay between 50 – 80 degrees.

Size Rate
3.5'x10' $44
4'x5'* $29
6'x6'* $39
5'x10' $59
8'x9' $79
8'x10' $79
8'x11' $78
9'x9' $79
10'x9' $79
9'x13* $89
13'x9' $99
13'x10' $99
12'x13'* $99
15'x9' $109
15'x10' $109
20'x9' $129
8'x25'~ $99
20'x10' $129

*Office Area Units
~Upstairs Unit
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Outside Storage Units

Outside Storage Pricing

Offered at the following locations: 3708 Playbird Road, 5402 Playbird Road, N7639 Rangeline Road, and 4018 N Hwy 42 Locations.

Size Rate
5'x10' $49
5'x11' $52
10'x9' $64
10'x10' $66
10'x15' $72
10'x20' $78
10'x25' $96
10'x30' $117
10'x40' $144

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Outside 11' Wide Storage Pricing

Units are 11 feet wide with 10'x10' doors, instead of the standard 10 feet wide unit with a 9'x 8' door. The extra width is perfect for backing up boats and other large toys!

Size Rate
11x10 $72
11x15 $79
11x20 $88
11x25 $108
11x30 $124
11x35 $139
11x40 $159
11x50 $189

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Outside 12' Wide Storage Pricing

Units are 12 feet wide with 11'x10' doors, instead of the standard 10 feet wide unit with a 9'x8' door.

Size Rate
12x10 $77
12x15 $87
12x20 $98
12x25 $117
12x30 $134
12x40 $174

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Outdoor Parking

Perfect for RV's, Trailers, Pop-Ups, Boats, Trucks, Cars and more. Offered at our 3708 Playbird Road, 4018 North Highway 42, and N7639 Rangeline Road locations. Conveniently located and easy to come and go as needed or for your off-season parking. Each lot has flood lights. We have 3 locations available, each have different features. Give us a call and we will find a spot that is perfect for your needs.

*Must bring in vehicle title/registration in order to sign the contract.

Location Monthly Rental Deposit
3708 Playbird Road $35 - $40 $35 - $40
4018 North Highway 42 $35 - $40 $35 - $40
N7639 Rangeline Road $45 - $55 $45 - $55

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Container Storage

Get container storage at your construction site, remodeling project, for excess inventory, and much more. 20' mobile storage containers delivered to your home, business or office provides secure and convenient ground level access. Store your excess inventory, business records, supplies, equipment, furniture, seasonal items, construction/remodeling, retail/swap meets and tools. No building costs or property taxes.

At Champion Storage and Rental, our reputation for affordable prices and the very best in customer service has made us the #1 choice when renting or buying mobile storage containers.

Item Rates
Monthly Rental $80
Security Deposit $150
Delivery Fee Call for costs to your location
Pick-Up Fee Call for costs to your location

RV Units

14’ RV Storage Units

Offered at W1750 Playbird Road. Units are 14 feet wide by 45 feet in length. Automatic garage door with remote is 12’ wide x 14’ high. Also comes with a light and electrical outlet for trickle charge.

Size Rate
14'x45' $225

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